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Mar 6, 2011 11:00am EST
it has a mile of water on all sides. so south carolina militia units, should they want to attack the u.s. army, are going to have to cross a mile of water first. right now we are standing outside of the sally port or the entrance to fort sumter, and what we are standing on is the granite wharf. and this is where anderson's men would have landed on the night of december 26, 1860. >> for more than three months, anderson and his men peaceably held the fort. then on april 12th, the confederate general beauregard gave the command to open fire. >> this is one of the weapons the rebs would have used to bomb the fort. so this is a 10-inch mortar, which is a small cannon, it's usually used -- it has a high trajectories so it can be used to shoot over the walls of a fortification like fort sumter and this is the same type of model that would have fired the first shot of the civil war. so we're standing inside of a casemate here at fort sumter. a casemate is a gun room so it just would just have one gun inside of it as you can see here today we do have one gun inside of this casemate. this is a 42-
Mar 28, 2011 6:00pm EDT
dawn in full effect in libya. u.s., british and french troops launching tomahawk missile and other air strikes on to sta tee tee jik air defense systems including gadhafi's tripoli compound. planes blasting tanks on the move toward the rebel capital benghazi. the attacks an effort to prevent gadhafi from attacking civilians in libya and to enforce a no-fly zone. >> this is not about going after gadhafi himself, or attacking him at this particular point in time. it is about achieving these narrow and relatively limited objectives so he stops killing his people and so humanitarian support can be provided. >> reporter: on libyan state radio, gadhafi called the raids acts of terrorism and promised a long war. >>> workers racing to bring japan's fukushima fukushima nuclear power plant under control, gray smoke rising from two reactor units stalled critical work to reconnect power lines and restore cooling systems. reports stating that japan may need five years to rebuild from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that caused over $235 billion in damage, killing thousands and displacing ma
Mar 5, 2011 2:30pm PST
into battle by the "uss new york." in addition to protecting our nation, the men and women of the u.s. navy and marines have other responsibilities as well. >> what we do is, we respond to different crises, whether it's humanitarian assistance or it's a need in a different country. >>> when we return, "teen kids news" will continue our exclusive tour of the "uss new york." >> reporter: we're on board the "uss new york," a new type of amphibious warship called an lpd. why are lpds considered state of the art? >> this ship has the very latest in communications equipment, and it has extremely capable sensors and weapons that make it very formidable on the battlefield. >> we're up on the bow of the ship. this is the fauxall. these chains here are the anchor chains. and we're standing right above the area of the bow where we've reclaimed 7.5 tons of steel from the world trade center, which is right at the very tip going to the water line and will steer this ship for the next 40 years. >> reporter: this ship is well prepared for any emergency, and even includes a fully equipped hospital. but i di
Mar 26, 2011 2:30pm PDT
. it was also the first state to ratify the new u.s. constitution. >> and that's why delaware has the first seat in congress, whenever there is an inaugural address and things like that. it's seen as a place of honor, because they were the first state to sign the constitution. >> reporter: the flag proudly features the motto "liberty and independence" beneath the state seal. other symbols reflect the importance of shipping, agriculture, the delaware river, and the defense of freedom. and there's one more important image -- >> in delaware they chose to use the image of the diamond because, when thomas jefferson visited delaware, he thought it was a "diamond of a state." he called it "the little diamond." >> reporter: with flag facts, i'm kristen. >>> if you have ever thought about becoming a veterinarian, you'll want to pay close attention to this next report. jenna toured a place where vets get specialized training to provide top quality medical care to critters. [ meowing ] >>> reporter: you heard correctly. that bird just meowed. [ meowing ] >> reporter: that's because this particular african
Mar 21, 2011 6:01pm EDT
, will show it! >>> studies have shown that teens in the u.s. are lagging behind their peers from other countries when it comes to math and science. that's why one city is trying to encourage its students to get psyched about science. los alamos, new mexico, has been hosting a yearly event called the "next big idea festival." think of it as a carnival for science and technology. >> something you don't see everyday. >> over the course of two days, students can meet and mingle with local scientists and inventors. and participate in hands on demonstrations. >> my favorite thing about today was discussing at lunchtime with the scientists all of the fields and what led them to where they are now. >> i mean, a lot of us like to do a lot of hands on stuff and we did do a lot of hands on stuff and we met a lot of different people from different schools so it was cool to meet people and see different ideas. >> the organizers of the event want students to realize that science, technology and innovation can be fun! >> technology is changing so rapidly that the only constant is change an
Mar 6, 2011 11:30am EST
started up the play rugby program full-time to give kids in the u.s. an opportunity to play the game he loves so much. >> the number one thing is it's fun. and i think, again, because it's new, it's a level playing field, so everybody has a place on the team. so it's fun and it's all-inclusi all-inclusive. and i think they're the most important things. but those lead to the kids really getting engaged in the program and really, really working. teamwork, discipline, it's a big part of rugby. >> reporter: for those of you unfamiliar with the rules of rugby, it's actually quite simple. here's what you need to know. first, the rugby game is played on a field called a "pitch" with two h-shaped goalposts on opposite ends. the object of the game is to get the ball to your end zone and score a touchdown, or in rugby terms a "try." so far, pretty much like football. and just like football, the game begins with a kickoff. now here's where it gets interesting. once the ball hits the ground, there's no stopping. not even when a player drops it. the ball can be passed, but only backward or side to s
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)